Hello World

Dear world —always wanted to say that!

This is a digital manifestation of something I’ve been doing for years now. It sprung for a fear that I might forget the ideas that came tumbling out on my noggin and so nearly every day I began fastidiously capturing them in journals or note pads. The problem is paper is vulnerable to decay and so now it needs to be made into an indelible reference point from which to grow and develop.

This page will be a further curation and ode to all the ideas Ive captured along the way  —from there I don’t know what it might become if anything. I’m hoping by digitalising them I will improve the ones I have, and who know maybe by putting them out they may go forth to evolve on their own. A sort of Digital Darwinism whereby strong ideas go on to proppergate and weaker ones fall to memory until such time as the environment calls on them.

I am traditionally trained in graphic design with a background in Print. Form there its been a deep dive into the digital world and now I’m turning my gaze to modelling in 3D. For 8 years I have been at it and I look forward to many more years on this meandering coarse, exploring all the facets of design in its most holistic sense. It is said that a Designer should be able to look at any system and improve on it. What a great way to look at it, no matter how focused you are in your strongest craft you are developing a thinking style that adds value. But as Mark Zuckerberg says; its time to, ‘move fast and break things’!

If you have read this far. Thank you! I hope to fill this space with many curious doodads and whats-a-ma-call-its should you every wish to come back and visit!

Welcome to the vaults of St Leger’s Yard
Big love



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