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“Discover the mysterious beauty far beneath the murky depths of the rolling waves. Bizarre creatures of different shapes & sizes, living beings, timeless, multi-coloured, strolling in the secretive dark night. Shining eyes, a twinkle. Come closer & dare a glance into the pitch-black shadows of the darkness; entwined flowers of the water, sea anemones of rainbow dyed light. Move slowly, observe the hidden fragile wonder. . . “ The Hydra embodies the ability to biologically regenerate

Dear world —always wanted to say that! This is a digital manifestation of something I've been doing for years now. It sprung for a fear that I might forget the ideas that came tumbling out on my noggin and so nearly every day I began fastidiously capturing them in journals or note pads. The problem is paper is vulnerable to decay and so now it needs to be made into an indelible reference point from which